What Pet Insurance WON'T cover.?

What Pet Insurance WON'T cover.?

While looking up some other dog stuff I found myself looking at the Embrace pet insurance site and seeing what they do and don't cover – surprisingly they do cover genetic issues as long as they weren't pre-existing at the time the policy is taken out.

So I am scrolling down the “Won't Cover” list and its the usual , breeding/preg/whelp, pre existing, DNA testing, cloning, etc
And at the very bottom there is this

-Acts of God, Avian Flu, Nuclear War

Now I of course got a chuckle out of this because let's be honest, if nuclear war happens, what are the odds the insurance company is even going to still exist?

And no I am not making this up http://www.embracepetinsurance.com/cover…

Legit: for those who do use pet insurance, which company do you use and what do you wish they included in their coverage that they currently don't?

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