Tumors on Dogs: Are They Always Dangerous?

Tumors on dogs could possibly lead to cancer and other life-threatening conditions that pet owners should be concerned about. While not all of these lumps are dangerous, every pet owner should regularly examine their dogs for any abnormal growth or lumps within their dog’s body.

Lumps or tumors could turn out to be either malignant or benign. Benign tumors usually do not affect dog’s health while the malignant ones are often associated with cancer. If you are wondering why these sudden lumps have appeared, take a moment to watch your dog’s daily lifestyle.

Even scientists disagree on what causes cancer in common companion animals. But some researchers have uncovered a link between canine cancer in certain preservatives commonly found in dog food. The chemical ethoxyguin (EQ) is a common preservative found in most dog foods available in the Western grocery stores. Many scientists and animal rights activists have indicated that this chemical is not fit for even a dog to consume (it has been banned as a preservative for human food). Sadly, dog food is not as well regulated as human food. Overconsumption of these harmful chemicals by dogs can very easily produce cancerous tumors.

Tumors on dogs may be further diagnosed as lymphoma, canine mast cell tumors, or even a small fatty tumor. Harmful tumors like dog lymphoma and canine mast cell tumors are associated with the dreadful dog cancer. A small fatty tumor, on the other hand, may not affect your dog’s health all. In rare cases, some small fatty tumors enlarge to about the size of a baseball. If the dog is in pain as a result of the size of this tumor, veterinarians may find it necessary to amputate a limb.

What we can do as dog owners is to regularly check our pet for any lump or abnormal growths on their bodies and immediately consult a vet for early diagnosis and treatment. There are some unpredictable factors that may cause tumors on dogs such as dog breeds and other biological issues. We advise you to discuss these issues with your vet for further protection on your dog’s life.

Pets give us a lot of happiness that could not be fully measured. It is our responsibility to keep them healthy and happy too. If you want to give your pets the best care in the world under a tight budget, consider getting an affordable pet insurance that could help them overcome tumors on dogs and other diseases for a healthier and happier life.       

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