The Attractions of Cheap Pet Insurance

For many people, having a pet can be a truly rewarding experience. The obvious downside though is that there is no animal equivalent of the NHS. If your pet suffers an illness or is injured in an accident and medical treatment is required, then unless you have cheap pet insurance you’ll have to fund the veterinary fees yourself.

As most people are aware, veterinary fees can be substantial and some may feel that money spent on cheap pet insurance premiums may be money well spent in the longer term.

Keep in mind though, that cheap may mean that the policy is, in your opinion, cheap in terms of the cover provided rather than simply the lowest cost.

Standard cover

A typical cheap pet insurance policy can provide cover for:

– veterinary fees for illness or disease;

– medical costs for accidental injuries;

– vets fees if your pet has to be put down as a result of illness or accident.

Standard cover may also typically include third party liability for dogs.

That will provide financial protection if your dog damages someone else’s property or even injures them. You may find that members of your family or other people normally resident in the same house as your dog may not be considered as valid third parties.

This type of cover may typically only apply to dogs and may also include accidental damage caused by your pet.

In addition to standard cover for events arising from illness or accidental injury, pet insurance can offer other features that a pet owner may find useful.

As with any insurance product, terms and conditions, exclusions and limitations will apply and you may wish to read these carefully to ensure you understand them.

Finding a lost pet

If your pet goes missing, then you may wish to consider advertising and offering a reward for its return.

Your pet insurance can help towards the expense of this although your insurance providers may wish to have a say in the amount of reward to be offered.


It your pet suffers a life threatening illness just as you are about to go off on holiday, you may need to think about cancelling your holiday. Having pet insurance to fall back on may ensure that you get at least some of your money refunded


What to do with your pet if you or a close family member has to go into hospital can be a bit of a problem.

You obviously can’t be in two places at once and taking care or your pet may just not be possible. That’s why some cheap pet insurance may cover boarding kennel fees so that you can be sure that someone is looking after your pet while you can’t.

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