5 Symptoms of Dog Cancer Every Owner Must Know

 5 Typical Symptoms of Dog Cancer Every Owner Must Know

Your favorite pet maybe showing some symptoms of dog cancer, and you may not even know it. Dogs are far and away the most popular pets in the United States and all over the world. They are remarkably durable and are very good at fending off disease. But, what is a pet owner to do when his pet starts to show signs of possible cancer that we haven’t noticed in the past?

The 5 Basic Symptoms of Dog Cancer

1. Lump or swelling – One noticeable factor here is the existence of a lump or swelling in your pet’s body. Although this is not a final indication of a dog cancer, it is highly recommended that every pet owner should watch out for such a thing and consult a veterinarian immediately. Some swellings may just appear as benign, but you should take your pet for biopsy as soon as possible.

2. Sudden loss of weight – A digestive tract tumor could be the primary reason for a sudden weight loss in dogs. If you are consistent in giving your dog a sound diet but has lost weight abruptly, then take a rush vet visit for proper action.

3. Unusual eating patterns – Your dog may have eating disorders like abnormal eating intervals or not eating at all. This is an alarming sign that needs you to take a vet visit as soon as you notice it. Dogs are prone to suffer from mouth cancer that is commonly associated with extreme bad breath, some abnormal growth on gums, and even gum bleeding.

4. Difficulty in disposing body wastes – Urination and defecation are the worst things your dog could suffer as these are the symptoms of a dog prostate cancer. These two symptoms are currently rare to happen but it is always best to observe your pet’s toilet habits regularly and seek help if ever something goes wrong.

5. Limb stiffness – One of the common symptoms of dog cancer is prolonged limb stiffness. If your pet can’t move its limbs freely, it’s time to get some professional help from a veterinarian.

The Right Approach

It requires an extra caring pet owner and an ever helpful vet to take great care of dogs that are at risk to these symptoms of dog cancer.  Following vet’s advice and giving proper diet are very important moves. But, it is even more helpful for all parties if you would get a pet insurance that would cover all of your dog’s needs for a happier life you  both could ever have.  

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