Signs Of Feline Leukemia – Know Them and Save Your Cat

Feline Leukemia : Know the Signs. Save Your Cat.

Feline leukemia is a viral disease that attacks the immune system’s ability to fight off infections.  It is often transmitted from one cat to another by close contact such as nose to nose. Sadly the disease isn’t curable. However, if it is detected early enough, your cat stands a very good chance of surviving and overcoming leukemia and going on to have a happy and healthy life. So it behooves you to become familiar with the disease and its warning signs.

Nature of the Disease

Feline Leukemia or FeLV mostly affects older cats and young kittens. It is a viral disease that usually spreads from the mother cat to its kittens, cat bites or from an affected cat to a healthy one. The virus may pass through the cat’s urine, saliva and feces. This disease may lead to such health problems as cancer, diabetes, blood disorders and respiratory infections. This kills about 80% of infected cats. There is no currently discovered cure but prevention, proper care and treatment may give your cats longer and healthier lives.

Common Symptoms of Feline Leukemia

Here are the following common sins of feline leukemia that every cat lover should be alert of for prevention and wellness.

• Weight and appetite loss
• Poor skin condition
• Infections
• Growing lymph nodes
• Continuous fever/diarrhea
• Gingivitis and/or stomatitis
• Eye problems
• Behavioral changes

FeLV Preventive Measures

Your prime prevention key in considering existing signs is to ensure that your cats stay indoors. Have routine veterinary visits and make sure they have the FeLV vaccine. Feed cats a regular balanced diet. If you have more than one cat, separate cats from each other until all cats have been checked by your vet for FeLV test.

 If you have infected cats, be sure to disinfect thoroughly before attending to the uninfected ones. Use separate objects you regularly use in feeding and caring for your infected cats.  Although the vaccine does not guarantee total protection against the onset of feline leukemia, vaccinations will give your pets a higher level of protection. They will even boost your cat’s immunity to other feline diseases.

Vaccinations and vet visits may cost you a lot of money if not properly taken into some further considerations. Consider signing up for a reasonable pet health insurance plan to save more on vaccinations and vet visits for total convenience.

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