Latest signs of feline leukemia news – Can a ferret contract feline leukemia from an infected cat?

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Can a ferret contract feline leukemia from an infected cat?

A friend of mine has a cat with feline leukemia. The animal has no actual symptoms of the desease and we wanted to introduce him to my ferret but we don't want to run the risk of the ferret contracting the illness.

Has anyone else lost a cat to feline leukemia?

He was diagnosed with feline leukemia about two months ago and today his symptoms became so severe that I knew it was time. I had him vaccinated… he was born with it. I can hardly express my incredible sadness. …

Helping Your Cat Remain Healthy and Strong

Feline leukemia is another disease that is very deadly, yet can be prevented early on with the proper vaccinations. Although the disease isn’t possible for humans to contract, it can be spread quickly among cats. …

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