How long do dogs live once they have lymphoma?

How long do dogs live once they have lymphoma?

I had a bloodhound who was diagnosed with lymphoma. We chose not to do the chemotherapy, and treated her with pregnazone (sp?). She lived for another 2 and a half months from when she was diagnosed. I'm so sorry if your dog has lymphoma. It's a terrible disease that often takes out young, seemingly healthy dogs. I hope you're able to spend some good quality time with your dog before they go. Make sure you spoil them rotten and let them know they're loved. Good luck.

ADD: Our vet told us that she could have lived up to 4 or 5 months if we had opted to do chemotherapy, but we decided not to because there was no chance of actually stopping the cancer, and that it would have just made her sick and miserable for the rest of her life. He reccommended pregnazone because it's a steriod that stops the swelling in the lymphnodes, and allows the dog to live a fairly normal life up until the end. The cancer was still there, but Katie (our dog) was able to eat and run around like she had before, rather than being in pain.

ADD (again): I'm sorry about your boxer, that had to have been very hard for you. But I'm glad that she was playing until the end. When your vet said that she had had lymphoma for 5 years, they must have meant that it had been dormant inside of her for 5 years. Our vet said the same thing about Katie, that she had had it inside of her for a few years, and that one day it just reacted, the lymphnodes swelled around her throat, and she wasn't able to breathe. We were told that if we hadn't started her on the pregnazone, she would have died within the next day or two. It was such a shock, becuase the day before she had been running around, playing with my cousins in the snow, no sign of anything being wrong. The next day when she was acting sick we took her to vet, thinking that maybe she had just caught a cold or something. We were absolutely heartbroken, as I'm sure you were too. It's such a terrible disease, and I'm glad your dog didn't suffer too much. My thoughts are with you.

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