Cheap Dog Insurance is Now a Reality

Insurance plans for your pet have changed and advanced drastically over the last few years. In the past, most plans involved asking you how old your dog was and giving you a general fee that put a rather large dent in the pockets of most owners. Even less than a decade ago cheap dog insurance was hard to find and many policy holders complained insurers would use loop-holes and hide behind small print to avoid paying out on claim. Now fierce competition has created reliable, cheap dog insurance plans, that almost all pet owners can afford.

Dogs are no longer grouped into “A” or “B”, but rather judged based on many factors such as: known hereditary issues in their specific breed, age, whether they get regular checkups and your geographic area (I.e., dogs are less tolerant to heat than they are to cold). While this may seem like a reason to be deterred, it isn’t at all.

All animals experience old age symptoms such as joint problems; but with modern plans you aren’t going to be paying the same rate as someone with a Doberman (Dobermans have many hereditary problems such as hip dysplasia, thyroid problems, eye diseases, spinal defects, hepatitis and more).

By no means should you be deterred from buying a Doberman in an effort to get cheap dog insurance; the whole point of the previous paragraph is to illustrate how pet insurance has become more flexible, with more variables taken into account, in order to allow for more affordable rates.

The best advice for getting an affordable plan is to make sure you get what you need for your specific dog and do away with things you don’t need, or are willing to pay for if the situation ever arises. For instance: Many plans will accommodate for examinations when your pet becomes ill, but you would rather be responsible for the little things and only have coverage for larger problems like surgeries or medications.

Most people wouldn’t go without health insurance for their family and your dog is a member of the family.

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