Cat Illness Symptoms – Things You Should Never Ignore

Are you really aware or somewhat familiar with some cat illness symptoms? Do you notice some unhealthy patterns in your cat’s life? Aren’t you worried about your furry friend’s condition during these times?

Animals cannot express pain as humans do, so every pet owner must be alert when their kittens or cats are showing unusual behavior or abnormal eating habits. Similar to humans, cats are also exposed to different health threats that their owner should be keenly aware of.

One of the most easily noticed symptoms is the frequent water intake in large amounts and even frequent urination. If you happen to observe such a thing from your cat, there is an outside chance that your pet has diabetes. This disease is more common among indoor cats than those felines who spend most of their days and nights outside.

Consistent coughing and choking is also something that a good cat owner should look out. If something appears to be blocking your cat’s throat on a daily basis, don’t brush it off as if it were just a hairball. It might be something much more serious. If your cat’s cough persists for more a week, then you surely see a vet as soon as possible. Your cat’s prolonged coughing could imply such problems as a lung tumor, heart issue, or a bronchial disease. It is always advised to see a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment with prolonged coughs in cats.

One cat illness symptom greatly concerns pet owners have to do with a cat’s immune system. Feline immunodeficiency virus infection or FIV could lead to feline leukemia. FIV symptoms include decreased energy, loss of appetite, fever and weight loss. Don’t waste any time. Visit your vet, and get an FIV test the moment you notice such signs in your pet’s health.

Cats are sweet and caring animals that love their owner very much in their own kitty way. It is not enough that we feed them but we should also make sure that we are always alert for their health and vitality. Getting a good pet insurance for your cat’s complete needs will not only save you a lot of money for vet visits and other needs but will even make both you and your cat’s life more valuable in the long run.

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