Bovine Colostrum Powder and Pet Health

Bovine colostrum powder is on another level. Surpassing most “superfoods” with flying colors, bovine colostrum powder supplies nutrition on every level.

The profile proves to be the most complete food on the planet, which makes sense, being nature’s first food. Containing all essential amino acids, all essential sugars, all essential fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamin A and D in abundance, calcium and other minerals, and the immune factors and growth factors to revolutionize the human body, bovine colostrum powder is, to me, a true superfood.

Not only is it incredible for humans, but being a food that is not species specific, is wonderful to add to your pets diet. It is of great importance for mammals who did not get colostrum as a baby to get it as soon as possible. We rescue the dogs that we have for pets and many of them did not get colostrum which resulted in a weak body and immune system. Our dogs have literally transformed within a month of eating the bovine colostrum powder.

On top of this super pet nutrition, we have been adding Ambaya Gold’s Pet Health to their food which has proven to be nothing short of amazing. Their hair, breath, and even energy status has improved tremendously. These two products supply the vital nutrients for an animals health, something lacking dearly in their standard diet. As we feed our dog, it is not unusual to find us helping ourselves to a little of the colostrum as well. Fun for the whole family.

Timothy Matz is a Natural Wellness Strategist and is also Co-Founder of Complete Wellness.

Complete Wellness distributes the purest and most potent bovine colostrum powder available.

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